About Beverley Jarvis

An enthusiastic cookery writer with a down to earth approach to food and nutrition. I adore absolutely everything about good food, from reading articles and cook books, developing new recipes and trying out all sorts of food except mussels, to which I am extremely allergic, I have always and still do, love cooking! 

Having qualified as a home economist and cookery teacher in Croydon, in the swinging sixties, I followed a career in many aspects of home economics, including writing, food styling for photography, as well as demonstrating to large audiences and on TV, plus chatting on radio. I wrote Microwave Cooking, the first colour microwave book available on the general market, which was very exciting for me. It became available on all the motorway service stations as well as in shops. More recently I very much enjoy teaching small groups in my own kitchen. I raised a family of two lovely boys along the way and have been married twice!  

My husband, Malcolm and I have been together for 31 years and we love living in our modern farm house in a pretty hamlet near Bethersden, Kent.  Between us, we have 7 children and 19 grandchildren at the last count. We all manage to speak to one another on a regular basis and often get together for family gatherings.  Perhaps, if asked, I would say that our extended family is my proudest achievement to date!  Life is often fairly hectic in our house, and never dull!

Over the years, I have written more than 23 cookery books and have been published by most of the large British publishers. i am proud to be a member of the Guild of Food Writers. I was lucky enough to present a series on microwave cookery for the BBC and have appeared on Food and Drink, plus a couple of the morning TV shows.

You will often find me testing and then photographing new recipes for my cook books and articles, in our lovely farm house kitchen, where I am at my most content.

Two exiting new titles are on the drawing board.  The first is a book, entitled Teens in the Kitchen, with lots of well explained recipes, such as Mango, Avocado and Peach Smoothie, Mac n Cheese and Lemon Cheese Cake with Strawberries that will inspire teenagers to actually get their hands dirty and cook!  The second is a cook book for Silver Surfers. Delicious but superb recipes for us Super Agers or Golden Oldies. Most of the recipes serve 2 people.