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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

May Blog


It has been a busy and fun few weeks with plenty of activity in the kitchen.  The Teens “cook in’s” continue to prove popular and very rewarding for all the adults involved.  We recently made pizzas from scratch, using a packet of bread mix for the pizza bases.  A delicious supper was followed as we sampled the varied pizzas.  Each teen selected their own toppings from the ingredients supplied and they were very impressed with the way their individual bowls of dough all rose to perfection! About 35 minutes in our warm sun lounge on a suitably balmy evening soon had the yeast bubbling away.

Meanwhile I was able to show the youngsters how to make carrot and almond cupcakes, adding flaked almonds to the top of each cake, before baking instead of using the usual high fat and sugar cream cheese topping.  Far easier and better for your health!

Once they had knocked back their dough, several of the teens asked if they could make their pizzas “double edged?”  I of course agreed, not at all sure as to what calamity might arise!  I need not have worried.  They deftly folded a little grated cheese with pineapple or sweetcorn into the edges which were then sealed well with the help of a little water. One of them mentioned it was just like pottery at school! The pizzas were then baked in a hot oven, to golden yummy perfection in 15 minutes or so.  We served the spoils with a crunchy mixed salad.

KMTV were filming throughout the last teens cook in and kindly gave us a 7 minute slot the following Tuesday evening.  I was so proud of my Teens.

A true Royalist, I wallowed in the pomp and ceremony of all the magnificent pageantry surrounding the wedding of Harry and Meghan, now proudly the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Friends joined us to watch the wedding on TV and we then all enjoyed a pre prepared Wedding Breakfast together.  I served lamb tagine and a hot tabbouleh salad with sugar snap peas and fresh asparagus added, with plenty of lemon juice and chopped mint from the garden.  A chocolate and amaretto cake followed with fresh summer fruits and cream.  An easy meal to prepare ahead.  The casserole was left to braise for 2 ½ hours, and the aromas were pretty amazing as it cooked away. 

I have added recipes for both the lamb, chocolate cake and the Tabbouleh so that you can enjoy making them.



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