September Blog

Thursday 13th September 2018

September Blog

It appears that as soon as our grandkids return back to school in September, the weather starts to change and we get a definite Autumnal feel!  The days seem to almost immediately get shorter and already, we are experiencing colder evenings!  Surely we won’t have to think about putting the heating on just yet?

For me, it is usually about mid-September when my legs start to feel a bit chilly in the afternoons, and I realise that soon, I will have to revert to tights.  I absolutely hate tights and find the colours unflattering and the fabric horrible so maybe this year it is time I tried Hold Up’s again?  M and S sell these self-supporting stockings that I last wore when I was about 20!  A friend told me at the end of the last “tight” season that they are infinitely more comfortable and elegant than tights so maybe I should give them a go?  I will keep you up to date on that one!

I have started a cookery course for Super Agers.  Currently I have 9 lovely ladies, all above the age of 55, who will be coming to the farm- house every Tuesday morning, for the next 4 weeks.

At 10.15am the day kicks off as I start to demonstrate about 4 dishes from my new cook book: Healthy Food in a Flash for Super Agers.

This lovely, all female group, on this occasion, are proving to be a particularly receptive audience.  They follow the recipes I hand out and need no encouragement to ask questions and generally interact, as we go along. This week I managed to persuade one of them to be my assistant.  Very able she has turned out to be too, and a great support to me.

Part of the deal is that two volunteers wash up, immediately following the dem, whilst the others mingle, lay the table and generally prepare for the main deal which of course is the lunch we all eat together around the dining table.  The washer uppers, will, of course will change each week so no one feels they are the only ones left in the sink!

For my part I just say a little prayer each Tuesday morning that the dishes will all turn out to be edible!

This week we enjoyed a filling and very tasty Spicy Lamb Soup with Cannellini beans, followed by Celeriac and Potato Dauphinoise with a crispy Cheddar and Parmesan topping plus a Cauliflower, Sweetcorn, Tomato and Feta Salad.  The mixed Fruit Crumble, even if I say so my self was a bit of a triumph.  This was very meaningful for me, as it could so easily have been a complete disaster! Intending to make a peach and raspberry crumble, I purchased the peaches nearly a week in advance.  However, to my dismay, on the morning of the “Cook In”, my peaches were still like bullets!  Luckily my son works for us and he has an apple tree in their garden, so following a desperate S.O.S. from me, he arrived at 7.30am with a bag of lovely apples, straight from the tree!  I managed to find just 2 peaches, amongst my bowlful, which were just about soft enough to use and we duly enjoyeda 3 fruit crumble to serve as pudding.

I am including some of the recipes in this month’s blog.  I hope you enjoy making them.



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