October Hints and Tips

Monday 1st October 2018

Hints and Tips

A few hints and Tips come immediately to mind and as I believe they are helpful, thought I would include a few this month.

  1.  Storing Soft Fruit

 Soft fruit seems to keeps much longer, if removed from supermarket packaging, immediately you get home. Line a suitable bowl with absorbent kitchen paper.  Do not wash the fruit but layer it into the bowl with extra sheets of kitchen roll, topping with kitchen paper.  Chill until needed.

  1. A Speedy Way to Chop Herbs

Fresh sprigs of parsley, coriander, mint etc. can be easily chopped in a mug.  Simply half fill a mug with the fresh herbs, without their stems and get cracking with the scissors.  In no time at all you will have beautifully chopped herbs with little washing up.

  1. Whipped Cream

Use a large open mixing bowl, so that lots of air can be incorporated, plus clean beaters.  Take the double cream straight out of the fridge and transfer to the bowl.  Beat using a hand held electric whisk until thick.  Return to fridge until ready to serve.

  1. Easy Cake Decorating

Keep a clean, dry tea strainer handy and use it solely for sieving icing sugar over cakes, using a dry teaspoon to push the sugar through. An easy, almost instant finish for most cakes and much healthier than buttercream.


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