January 2019 Blog

Sunday 20th January 2019

January 2019 Blog

It seems incredible to believe that we are now well and truly into 2019!

What a busy January it is proving to be. A very good friend of mine celebrated her 100th birthday this week and her daughter organised a wonderful party for 80 of us in Aldington Village Hall.  A great lunch was enjoyed by all of us fortunate invitees and Jo looked wonderful as she stood to thank us all for coming.

It was the first time I have ever seen a card signed by her majesty the Queen and realised just how lucky we are to still have our monarchy, and yes, the card was actually definitely signed by Elizabeth’s fair and steady hand!

Rather cleverly, as Jo did not want a cake, Ann, Jo’s daughter, and her daughter Jenny, had arranged the number 100 in tea lights on a table and they were lit as we all serenaded Jo with Happy Birthday.  A truly memorable and enjoyable occasion.

I went to see a publisher about my book Super Food for Super Ages last week and spent an hour and a half discussing the possibilities of this independent company publishing my book.  I liked the lady very much, and loved the quality and look of the books they produce; and am very hopeful that they might make me an offer soon. 

The stumbling block is always the cost of the food photography as this really does need to be a well-illustrated book.  I have decided to organise a day’s shoot here this Wednesday coming and have organised for a food photographer to work with me to produce the first few, hopefully beautiful photos for the book, to try to encourage a publisher to go ahead with the title.  The dining room table is now littered with plates, dishes and props I may need to use to make the very best of the food.  Fingers crossed on that one and I will update you as to progress next month.


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