Thursday 22nd August 2019


As I write this blog in the middle of August, it really makes me wonder where the summer has gone?!  Not only has the weather turned incredibly autumnal, very early, I might add, with almost gale like winds and heavy rain, but I have also been so frantically busy this year that the time has simply sped by!

In July we hosted a lovely party, in the garden here to celebrate my 70th birthday, our Silver wedding anniversary and Malcolm’s 75th birthday.  Then in July, for my sins, I decided to run a Ploughman’s lunch in aid of our local hospice, here.  The local branch of Waitrose agreed to support the event by donating £200 towards food and they also lent me two of their staff for the day.  The hospice lent me tables and chairs and also provided two volunteers to help out.  My friend’s and I rather frighteningly managed to sell 120 tickets, at £10.00 each.  Of course, the challenge then was, having never done this before, how on earth does one cater, for 120 ploughman’s lunches!!

After much thought and a few sleepless nights, I came up with the plan of offering a choice of either a Scotch egg Ploughman’s or a Double cheese Ploughman’s with salad, pickle and delicious bread rolls, provided by the local bakery.  We also provided a glass of wine per person and I made up a bright pink wheelbarrow of booze as first prize in the raffle. 

The day duly dawned and, would you believe, it poured with rain right up to 12, noon! Miraculously, the sun then appeared and a few of us, ran round, like demented people cleaning off the wet tables and chairs, ready for the imminent arrival of our guests!  Thank goodness, the weather remained fine for the rest of the day and it certainly did not put people of.  A good time was had by all, I think!? 

The result, I am most proud to mention was that we managed to raise the princely sum of £2,022.57p!  Me thinks it really was worth organising the day and including: Guess the Weight of a lovely cake, donated by a friend;  Guess how many smarties in the big jar;  the great raffle and running a wine bar as once people had enjoyed their free glass, they were keen to pay for a second tipple!

I am continuing to work on food photography shots for my new cook book, Super food for Super Agers.  It is currently with several publishers so here’s hoping for some good news soon.

Enjoy some pics from the summer events, more recipes next time.


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