Easter Feasts - Starters - Guacamole

Wednesday 7th February 2018

Serves: 6
Try to prepare this easy recipe no more than 20 minutes before you want to serve it. It discolours on storage.
2 medium size, ripe tomatoes
3 ripe avocados, I like Hass variety
1 medium red onion, chopped
1 fat clove garlic, crushed
Juice 1 lime
½ tsp chilli powder
A little salt
To serve: freshly prepared vegetable sticks
  • Put tomatoes into a heat proof bowl. Cover with boiling water and set aside for a few minutes.
  • Drain, then peel tomatoes, scoop out seeds and discard.
  • Roughly chop tomato flesh and put it into a food processor, fitted with the metal blade.
  • Halve avocados, remove central stone. Push flesh out from each ½, using a teaspoon. Roughly chop flesh and put into the food processor.
  • Process until avocados are finely chopped.
  • Add onion, garlic, lime juice and chilli powder. Process until just blended.
  • Transfer to a serving bowl. Taste and add a little salt and some extra chilli powder, if needed.
  • Cover and chill for a few minutes (up to 20) before serving with the veggie sticks.